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 Working in the companyTime Programmer Corp is a company created to implement more effectively the benefits of modern technology in your business.

With the advent of internet, the human world was shaken to its foundations, requiring a complete restructuring of all the parameters of society. That includes the conception of business and operations.

If you currently not thoroughly understand the technology, you can not be so successful in a business. It is our intention every day learn more, and help you understand our modern world with new applications, websites, online sales,keeping a close customer contact, marketing strategies, internal communication networks, and everything you need for your business to be effective.

We develop software, databases, and almost any idea you have in your mind. You have one idea to help people and eran money? Just let us know about it.

Software we have made:

1- tremendouse Karate software for tournaments. Any possibilities

2- Expose your sporting talent skills to the world

3- Ads online for your business, exposing them in any tv scree, and modify them from your house or cel.

4- Play Domino online, creating your players, statistics and Club

5- Miami Beach. Rent manager building

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