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 Web application (Web software):



Industrial Tracking Systems management software is an easy-to-use web-based application that will save you time, money, and limit risk by helping you digitally comply with OSHA Standard 1910.178. “Powered Industrial Trucks OSHA”

Sporting talent


Software for appraisers. Create, keep and track orders and payroll. Employees and admin can enter to create or update their orders and time associated with them. A report by months, for eac employee, is available.

Sporting talent

Sporting Talent

Sporting Talent Plus software. A software to promote your sporting skills. Save and upload your four best videos and four best pictures doing your best moves in your prefer sport and many promoters can see you

Colosseum Data

Colosseum Data

Sport software. Run Karate Tournaments. Used in Miami for more than 4 years, it can compite with the best of its style. Register, run divisions, obtain winners and the own scoreboard fo rkara and kumite are some of their features.

Busy Bay USA


Advertising software. It is using to create advertising in minutes! Additionally, it has a videocamera room and the possibility to ad your business using videos and a Message Center to communicate with your staff at any moment!

Your video Channel

Your Video Channel

Video Channel Software.Create your account and select videos from Youtube. You can organize very useful your preferred videos by categories. Exactly what you need at the reach of your fingers!

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