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Databases software

Database software to resolve your problems. Sort your books, your data employees, your records, and many other ideas you need.

We create custom databases software using the most modern technology. See here some examples:
a) Record for visits, timesheets, projects
b) Software for Karate Tournaments. Scoreboard for kata and Kumite, braquets, registrations, coaches, dojos, athletes, ranking and statistic for each athletes

You can access to your data online at any moment, because your data and software are in the cloud.

The best part is that you will have your own software and in your own cloud.

You can apply the technology in a very wide way.

For companies for example, you can register and see from any place of the world:

  1. The assistance of your employees.
  2. Their working hours.
  3. How much they are earning per hours.
  4. How is the status of your project.

And many other things you can imagine!

For sports:

  1. Access to the ranking of your athletes
  2. Their results
  3. Prepare them for their future.

Think big. Contact us: 786-539-6996 or send us an email:

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