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The ranking of your website

After and just after you have a website, it starts to create some ranking online. A website is different than the rank of the website. The second one you have to create it later, after you have the website. It takes in the majority of cases, more than one year. But you can pay to Google to place it before using Google. See How to Use Google Ad Words.

Ranking means the possibility to appear in the dreamed first places when people look up using google, yahoo, bing or whichever browser.

The ranking usually takes time. You can have a good website:

a) WordPress website (One or maybe, the best tool to create any website today)

b) With good information.

c) Very fast loading.

d) Very pretty.

But there is not in the first places. Why?

Well, you don’t have enough visits for Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Google is a website and a software, of course. It cannot think you have a wonderful website.

It works like this: There is a database working behind Google, with almost any url you can see online. Associate with this domain there are many values, like for example the amount of visits that website has. When one user look some information up, the Google database reorganize the list of the websites i has by according to the amount of visits the websites have.

Let me allow to explain you something. Some guy has a website with information about ghosts, very garbage and fake information, but there are many people who like this. The website has many visits per day. Ok that website will be before your website, in the first places, even if you have a website with a very scientific and satisfactorily information, and facts that ghosts don’t exist. Sorry about that.

So, you cannot change this but you can adapt yourself to use this in your bennefit.

In order to climb the first places you have to create a very interesting website to increase the amount of visits. The bigger amount of visits you obtain, the better place you will have.

There are many tricks for this. Let me show you some of them

a) Create some simple app which attract users to your website. If you website is to loose wight, add an app to calculate how many calories any person consume per day.

b) Create interesting articles which allow people to read them every day or week

c) Dont believe people who say they can put your website in the first places. It is impossible if you dont develop the previous ideas. Perople are not stupid. If you dont have a very interesting website there is no way in the world which will force people to go to your website.

If you are selling products, the best of the world, it doesnt mean people agree with you about it. You have to convince them first, attracting many visitors to your website in any creative way you can imagine.

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