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Updating websites

According to Google’s company policies, the only reason a website can be at the top is …because of the amount of its visitors. More visits = Better places.

How to increase the visits? By placing relevant and interesting content. What kind of content? A good practice is that for every question a customer asks you, write the answer in your website; not only the services your company offers.

This is your first step to the top of Google’s searching results and other searching engines.

Our company offers you to get started for as little as $100 a month. However, we recommend you to start with the $200 program.

Better yet, if you have the budget, the $500 a month will provide you a much better exposure. Think of it as an employee in your company working for $200 or $500 a month.

These services include photo search, interesting content, pictures/graphics, videos, most searched words according to your topic, analysis of rival companies, searches of new functionality on the website to attract visitors, strategies online market, and many more features.

Give your company the opportunity of a fast growing clientele. Remember, Time is Money$$. Time Programmer is ready for you.

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