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Databases and Software. Miami. Florida

Here you can see some Software our company has created. They usually are alive. Check the url

Software for Karate tournaments.

Used in Miami, Orlando & Texas

Miami International Tournaments: Software for Karate tournaments. It has been used in Miami, Orlando, Texas.Target: South America, World Karate Federation

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BusyBayUsa. Ads Software

Used in Miami, Orlando & Texas

Advertising Software. You can add your ads, in video format, pictures and text. In less than three minutes you have you ads running.

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Domino Online. Records

Create your games and save them

By creating your games online, you can save the data, which will be saved in a ranking.

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Software Management System

Miami Beach 5151SeaCoast

Software to manage the rent/occupations in the 5151seacoast, in Miami Beach. Excellent for manager ans owners.

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Sporting Talent Plus. Sport Software

Upload your videos and pictures

Sporting software. You can upload your videos and picture to be notice by companies, coaches, and the entire world.

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Contractos & Owners

Match Contractors with Owners

The best site to match contractors with Owners. Place the pictures and details of your job and find the best contractor who fit your requirements

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