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Usually people think that they have to start an e-commerce with prices more than $2000. Not exactly! Today you can have your e-commerce starting from $950, with a simple but pretty design… and immediately sell your products to the world!

E-commerce features:

  1. An email-marketing. Send emails to your clients with promotions and offers. You can do it by groups, and create newsletters.
  2. A complete inventory of your products. You can see how many products you have, a  products viewed report, and a sales report.
  3. Coupons, Affiliates, Markets, Specials Featured, Gift Vouchers, Payment, Shipping, Latest, Categories, Reviews, Favorites, Discount, Reward Points to each client and more possibilities!

You will have a complete store online, like Amazon.

And the process is very simple:

The client select the product and buys  it using one online gate payment as Paypal, the money go to your bank account and you receive the order in your email.



July 15th, 2015 | aesio

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