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How does a website work?

As any database website, the Opencart ; Content Management System) works with three objects:

  • The database
  • The files
  • The result of the interaction of database and files

The database, stored in the server, keep the all information of your website. Your text information your login and password, where the images are, where is your website, how to encrypt information to communicate with Paypal. Anything. Is like your library. The database contains many tables, for example clients table, users table, products table.

The files are the pages with the necessary code to complete commands, like for example ask the login and password to the database, show the info to some client, show the picture in some way, or the video. A website has many files but usually just one database.

When the files and the database interact each other the result is the website the client or you can see. The agent to combine them is the server, the software in the computer where your website is, to show both together. Usually for example in WordPress or Opencart, is the Apache server.

An Apache server is very powerful It can processes many orders at the same time

If you need to save a backup of your website you have to remember that you have to save to kind of files: The database files usually with sql extension, and… all the files in your website, usually you can do that or using some specific function in your Cpanel, otherwise using a software like Filezilla, FTP transfer information to download all the files of your website.

December 22nd, 2017 | aesio

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