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How to improve your website

SEO in your website

SEO in your website

A website is like your magazine, your book, your business. You can attract more clients to your business or you can get them away from your business forever.

Keep in mind one idea: When your visitor and future client is in your website, he/she is alone.

Here some advice for your website:

  1. Show the advantages your company has that your competitors don’t have.
  2. Try to write interesting things for your visitors.
  3. Be clear in your services and offers. Straight to the point.
  4. Try to offer more things than just to think how to extract the money from your clients.
  5. Give them the possibility to write ideas and suggestion about your topics or products.
  6. Give them the possibility to register online for receiving news and nice information in their emails.
  7. Try to sell things in your website, as an online cafeteria. If they want to buy something, let them do it! At least, they are there visiting your website.

In order to be accessible, the url of your website should be clear and easy to understand. Nothing like It’s does not work. The strategy for the names you can use in an advertising in real life  does not work in Internet. Google avoids thing like that. Remember the names of Amazon, Facebook, Youtube. Shorts and unique, easy to remember.


October 6th, 2015 | aesio

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