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How to sell online

You can do it! This is not an offer to sell something, it is an offer for you to sell anything!

So, now you want to sell online. Is this a good idea? Definitely, yes! But, how?Well, you have to have:

  1. Your product (You can sell anything you can imagine, your old books or the books you have written; your ideas; your car, clothes. .The only limitation is your imagination.)
  2. Your website (Use an e-commerce. It’s the best option)

It seems easy, but don’t run. First, you have to walk.

In your way you will have three fundamental options:

  1. Use a lease software. You have to pay monthly to some company
  2. Use your own software. The price to set up could be free  (do it by yourself) or between $1000 and $2000 in USA)
  3. Use Amazon or E-bay. This could be a second option, alternative to your own website.

The second option is by far, the best. Why? Here some of the advantages

  1. You pay just one time
  2. Monthly, you pay just for the hosting (between $8-$12)
  3. You don’t have competition. People who go to your website, just see your products.
  4. You can change the prices, create the way and style you want, in order to sell your products. There is none over you ruling what you have to sell and under what conditions, like in Amazon or E-bay
  5. You don’t depend on your server, because the software is yours. If you want you can move it on to another hosting.
  6. In a nutshell, you are as free as you can be using internet.

Now, you have another choose to do. Which software? There are a lot of software online. The best, for someone who start and even for someone professional, Opencart. Why?

Ok, some features:

  1. Its free. It’s real you cannot do many thingns with that because you have to show a nice and professional template, but, the platform is totally free, like WordPress.
  2. Opencart has an easy learning curve, by comparison with others.
  3. The more common options, an email marketing, coupons, re sellers, products (name, description, pictures, discounts, points, etc), categories, subcategories.
  4. It has a good update system
  5. You can create a multi store (with just one, you can have more than one, selling different products)
  6. Add videos, pictures, and everything you need to sell
  7. You have automatically a mobile version for your e-commerce.
  8. The Paypal connection is easier than using other platforms

We have created Opencart website which have more than $150 000 per year. One million dollars? No problem, Opencart can do it. It was tested.

If you have clients at this moment and you are not selling online, you are wasting your time. If you don’t have clients, don’t worry, you can have them, even when it requires more time.

Sell online my friend, sell online!

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They never thought how many sales they could do…

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