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My website has disappeared

My website cannot be seen. What happened?

Several possible things, all related to your hosting provider.

  • The server did not receive your monthly payment and your hosting service has been canceled.
  • They may have updated the server version and now your website is not compatible with
  • The website could have been infected with a virus

The recommended thing is call your hosting provider in order to find out what is the issue.

Websites are pieces of code in the hosting. The server in the hosting run the codes and the result is your website in your screen.

Some common issues are:

  • The technology with which they were made became obsolete.
  • They have been attacked by a virus, destroying files, and preventing their proper functioning
  • Or simply you did not have paid the last monthly hosting payment service.

In the last case, the hosting always communicates several times with the owner of the website but for different reasons you did not see the emails that have arrived, warning of the next suspension of services.

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January 1st, 2018 | aesio

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