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Sell online: Online store and multistores

There are many options to create your e-commerce or online store, but some one of them are better than others. Opencart is one of the best options because it has a easy learning curve and many other possibilities. One of them is multi store. If you use a software without the versatility to convert itself in multi store, you are loosing money and time.

What does multi store mean?

It means that with just one store you can have many of them.

For example, one of our last websites:, has multistore, inside a subdomain of it:

The advantages of this are than users can go to their unique store, instead of each of them use one store. If you want to place different prices and products, target them to different clients and companies, definitely multi store is a good option

In our package we offer the multi store possibility include on it. You will have an excellent tool for just $2000.

Click here to start your multi store immediately.

Sell online while you sleeping

October 2nd, 2016 | aesio

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