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Upgrading Opencart

Upgrade the Opencart or change between versions: How to do it?

The process to upgrade the Opencart could be painful if you dont know how to do the correct steps

  1. Copy of your database
  2. Copy of your files
  3. Upload the new Opencart files, except the config files. You can not change them.
  4. Go to the install folder in your url. Example: and of course
  5. When the process has finished, check the result.
  6. Maybe you have to go to the Admin panel/Users/Groups/ and enable all processes again

Step 1

When you copy your database, you have two options:

  1. Easy way: copy your database with another name in you phpMyAdmin
  2. Download a copy of your database to your computer

Step 2

When you copy your files, you have two options:

  1. Fast way: rename the folders in your hosting, using filezilla or another toool you have
  2. Download the files to your computer, and after that, of course, delete them in your hosting.

Step 3

Upload the Opencart files. Check if there were errors.

Step 4

In this process, be patient. Don’t reload the page, just wait

Step 5

Here you have to check any plugin, new css style you have created, and of course, you wont have this now. You have to upload those files, or install them or just create them again. If you have a them created by thirds you have to install it again

Step 6

Go to the new Admin Dashboard, be familiar with it and specifically, check the users groups/ Access permissions. Maybe you will have a black page inside the Admin panel, because of this. The best option is just: 1- Un Select all, and 2- Select all, in both windows. Save.

Usually there is a question: Why do I have to upgrade my Opencart version? (or any software)

Because you are in a technological era. Opencart (and any software) has different components:

  1. Its php code, created and updated usually by Zend Tecnology Company,
  2. The software itself, created by Opencart team
  3. The codes created according to Paypal, 2checkout, and other banks to process the cards and payments
  4. Other codes inside the software, for example the php version, mysql to deal with the database.

The process is very important. You should not wait a long time to upgrade your Opencart version. In any humankind era you have bad and good guys. Now is the same. You have bad boys trying to destroy, steal your money, see your passwords, inside your website. The process cannot be avoid it, but you can minimize it, trying to be updated in your softwares

In a nutshell, if you love your website, and you need it, upgrade it

How long do I have to wait to upgrade my store, or website?

No more than two or three new versions. If the new version is X.X.6 and you have X.X.2, you should think to upgrade your website. It will protec your products and store like in a real store you need to repair the walls, doors and other things to protect it from the weather, and… bad guys.

You can see the official steps here. Dont worry about the versions you will see there. It is the same process to any version

Upgrade Opencart: Offical page


July 10th, 2017 | aesio

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