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Website, Domain and Hosting

Usually people tend to be confused with these terms. Let me clarify this. (The ranking of your website, this is another term, totally different! Click here to know about it)

The Website

A website is like your car. We can create your car, and there is a price for this, for example $850, our basic plan. See here.

But after you have your “car” (your website) with your company information, services, pictures etc, you need to have the hosting.

The Hosting

Hosting is the space you have to rent in one computer to place your website like the place you have to rent to park your car.
The hosting usually is paid for one year or more. The prices varying between $8 and $15 per month. It includes things you will need for your website, like the speed to be showed, the space to save videos, pictures, texts, the databases, etc.

The person who create your website can offer you a hosting too, or not. If not, you have to pay to another company the hosting. BUT YOU HAVE TO HAVE A HOSTING.

You can have a hosting without any website but you cannot have a website without a hosting.

The Domain

The domain is like the address of your house. You can create any domain for your website if it is available. for example,

The domain has to be available, it means that ther eis not another company with that domain. In that case, you can buy it. The cost usually ranges between $3 and $10 per year.

As a conclusion, if you want a website you have to spend three amount of money:

  • The cost of the website
  • The cost of your hosting (
  • The cost of the domain ($3 and $10 per year)


You have to pay every month for you hosting, like a rent, and a pay one time per year for you domain, but you should pay just one time in your life for your website, unless you have to do changes, etc. Any modern website allows you to change, add, delete information by yourself, at no costs, except your time. Of course, if you want another person to do that, it is their time and you have to pay additionally, But you have to be able to do that, if you have the time and the wishes.

Let me give you on example: We can use Facebook to understand this better.

Facebook is a website. It is an app which allows people to interact between them. Upload pictures, texts, etc, but, IT IS A WEBSITE.

So, It has a hosting, a domain and a cost of production.

The domain is You can explore the complete data here: In that website write and you will obtain a full information about the date it was created, the contact email, server, etc.

They have people working with Facebook at this moment, changing features and improving the website. They have to pay a salary for that, of course.

Our idea here was to show that there are differences between the terms domain, hosting and website. They are not the same. If you have problem with one of them, you have to call the appropriate service

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