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How much does the website cost?

The websites have different prices for the same reason that cars or other items have different prices. Less money = less quality.

In what sense?

A website is cheap because it requires less three things:

  1. It requires less effort, which equals time invested.
  2. It requires less knowledge of programming and web design.
  3. Requires less online searching, related with the content of the company.

Which will be the problems in that case to the owner of the website?

Due to the scarcity of resources in its construction, the creator of the website have to adjust his time and budget to these conditions, and the website will be created with the next characteristics:

  1. Third party program. Using an online program of any company that offers at $ 2 is created.
  2. Third-party Template. A template already built by a third company.
  3. Plugins (small programs with some functionality) to perform almost any task required.
  4. The images do not meet the necessary requirements.
  5. The content does not have the requirements.
  6. The platform on which the website is created is not ideal.

All of this does not problem for the company or person making the website, but the company or person who pay small money for the website. But it is the responsibility of the creator of the website to tell these details, because otherwise the future owner believes or wants to believe that paying $ 100 or $ 600 will have a website for $ 2000 or $ 30,000, which is obviously impossible, as it is impossible for anyone to have a Lamborgini of $ 400,000 for just $ 4,000.

Often none of the above details are important because the company is small and only wants to have a website to show a short information about their business. Little money invested and of course poor results. It will not generate many customers and help the company grow almost anything.

But what happens if the website is needed for the  company and is done with all the above conditions?

So if these is the case, there are problems. Let’s see in details each of them, related to the previous issues:

1- Third-party program (such as, for example)

  1. The website does not work elsewhere than there with that platform.
  2. If the company fails, you will lose your website.
  3. If you want to go to another hosting, you can not take the website.
  4. New features not included? Monthly pay to third parties (process ultimately quite expensive and inefficient)

Third-party Template

  1. They have a lot more code than necessary, often causing a slow website.
  2. Updates often disarm the ready on the website.
  3. If you fail to update the theme because the company fails, the issue is no longer seen properly.
  4. If other functions are necessary, the problem starts.


Sometimes plugins are useful for saving time, but filling a website with plugins involves serious errors:

  1. Including codes and hinder repeat, making the website put slow.
  2. Updating each plugin creates problems.
  3. Many times a plugin is no longer updated and functional, leaving the website without such functionality.

Images. Because of the scarcity of time and money, there will be the following requirements:

  1. It should be as light as possible without losing visual quality.
  2. You must have a name, description, so that Google can spot her and place in the ranking of search.
  3. Extension must be jpg, png, depending on what it is to use.
  4. You must have the appropriate size as will be shown.

The content:

  1. It does not have the specific requirements to be effective. (keywords, good structure, nice visualization)
  2. It is not according to the searches done online on this topic.
  3. Does not include the necessary words on the subject.
  4. Does not have a powerful and catchy title.
  5. Does not include photos or videos relevant and appropriate description.
  6. The platform where the website is created is extremely important.
  7. A modern platform must be used.
  8. Updating allowing according to the new requirements of the modern world dynamic internet.
  9. It must allow to the client update by himself  the content of the website.
  10. It must allow the necessary security content.
  11. It must allow its content is accessible to most popular search engines.

An example of the good platform could be WordPress, effective tool for modern websites.

If you don’t want your website be a Powerpoint Presentation, you should invest in it.

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