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Why a landing page is not a good idea

The problem with the landing page is that today… it doesn’t work.


A website today is an expression of the money and wealth of your company. A cheap website is a cheap company as a cheap car is a cheap company under the eyes of the most common people.

You cannot beat this, just adapt yourself to this. So, in the same way you have to buy a good car, my dear friend, you have to have a good website or a good phone.

So if you need a website you need to invest in some kind of website which look very well. You can start with a simple website and try to improve it step by step, for example a WordPress website, in which you can later add more and more information, but, definitely, a landing page doesn’t allow to increase more and more quality to your website.

Landing page = small company with a very small budget and bad service under the eyes of people.

We cannot offer landing page, sorry. IT is our business to offer you the best.

November 23rd, 2017 | aesio

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