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Why do you need an e-commerce?

I- What is an e-commerce?

It is probably one of the most powerful tools nowadays.  Like an amazing robot, it not only helps you, but it takes the complete control of your sales, increasing them and improving your life. It can deals with customers by itself, allowing them to buy any product or helping them to select the best option.

What kind of thing can you sell by using an e-commerce?

Anything. Its a fact. The limits are in your imagination.

You can sell the moon if you want (if it were yours, of course). You can create any kind of products, to be downloaded, to send a diploma, or to be shipped. Material or intangible things.

What can I sell online.

II- Things you can sell

a) Sell your books? You can do it. Take a look here:

b) Sell signs, banners, designs, even to another country? Yes, you can! See here:

c) Do you want to SELL IDEAS? Yes, you can!. Just create your idea in a pdf file, upload the issue and sell it! The potential client can go to your website, select the idea which fittest more with him, buy it and download it!

d) Sell tickets to some event? You can!

e) Sell your Karate Academy Registrations? Swimming Lessons? You can!

Another common question is if by using Amazon/Ebay is better than your own e-commerce/website.

Well, the best option is having both. But even though you probably think by using Amazon you will have more clients, it is not exaclty true, becaus eyou will not the only one to sell the same product. It is true too that Amazon/Ebay have many clients/visitors everyday, but again, they are not going there to see specifically your products. There are many products like yours, usually. You have a lot of competition there, but in your website/e-commerce you have just your products. The potential client just can see what YOU ARE OFFERING. Usually, if the client has arrived to your website looking for what you have there, he will buy it.

And, if you are small/medium company and you have your clients, the best thing, by far, is to have your e-commerce.

a) The client’s email belong to you. You can communicate with your clients in the best way

b) They information are in your website

c) Any claim, you can manage

d) You can change, add any amount of product and you do not have to pay any additional fee.

Once you have your own e-commerce, you do not want to leave it out.

Even though you can of course contact another company, you can call or email us, and we can help you.

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