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A website is a face of your business online. The main reason for creating a website is to increase your clients and sales. It is why you have to invest money in order to offer a huge positive impact to your clients. A website is like a movie nowadays. A shocking home page will show, at the first glance, what you can do for your clients, how useful your services could be or what kind of products  you can offer to them.

If you use a bad platform, a sadly design or information, to create your website, you will not obtain the results you are waiting for. It is the reason because you need a professional team to create your website. Otherwise you will have a website, but without reaching your goals.

Another strategy is to create a custom software, a little more expensive but with better results. In that case you can take bring your ideas to the real world!

Software for ads online.


How much does it cost a website?

A website is like a car. It is impossible to have a good website/car with cheap budget. The minimal price if you want to have a good website, could be, at leas in Florida, more than $1400. However, you could obtain a modest results at the minimal price of $950 if you have a small amount of content and services. Even though you have a small company, you will have to add pictures or videos to impact your audience.

A typical website has Home page, About us, Services, Gallery (With pictures or videos) , Contact us, where the client can call or email you.

How much does it cost a custom software online?

This is a different kind of “animal”. A website vs a custom software is like a mouse vs a lion.  You can obtain wonderful results with a custom software, but, at the same time, more time to reach your goals. You have to invest in marketing in order to be aware other about your product.

Usually the minimal price rounds between $1400 or $3000. The time to finish in those cases between 15 or 39 days, in you have the complete budget and information.

How do we charge?

Our company charges two payments, in the beginning: 60% an at the end: 40%, of course>

The same applies for websites

Examples of our websites and app online, check here:

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